How a Computer Mouse Really works

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    The Japanese have finally revealed a mystery for you.

    How does the small arrow on your computer monitor work when you move
    the mouse? Haven't you ever wondered how it works?

    Now, through the miracle of high technology, we can see how it is
    done. With the aid of a screen magnifying lens, the mechanism
    becomes apparent.

    Click on the link below and you will find out. The image may take a
    minute or two to download and when it appears, slowly move your
    mouse over the light gray circle and you will see how the magic works.

    The Pointer Mystery:
  2. short one

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    Good one dawg!
  3. smoke freak

    smoke freak StickBurners

    Im amazed and amused. Thanx
  4. blackhawk19

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    That's cool[​IMG]
  5. cheech

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    Wow it even comes with sound

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