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Discussion in 'Beef' started by soafung, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. soafung

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    just wanted to ask the few of you that do it (or have done it this way) what temps did you run and what was the estimated time adjusted to?

    225* = 1.5 hrs/lbs...XXX* = X hrs/lbs

    would really help me out on suggestions for my dad and his new smoker. he likes it, but doesn't wanna do the whole 12-20 hour smokes. i told him about hot and fast, but didn't really have any knowledge in the matter.
  2. soafung

    soafung StickBurners

    thanks for all the help guys. 22 views and no replies...AWESOME!
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  4. smokeguy

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    Patience Grasshopper. You said you knew very few people have done it, so when something is rare, you have to wait longer for it. 22 people read your question but had not done the fast & hot method so didn't reply. Someone will come along that has done it already.

    In the meantime, see this post. I got it by doing a search for "brisket fast hot". Hope this helps you out some and good luck with it.

    JJ beat me to it but has a good one.
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    Well, I'm sure those 22 veiwers probably saw the thread title "hot and fast brisket" and thought you had posted some "how to" info. I know I looked.

    You would have received better results by changing the title from a statement "hot and fast brisket" to a question ie:"hot and fast brisket question" or "Questions about hot and fast brisket".

    Since a couple of folks already pointed you to an excellent thread on a hot and fast brisket smoke, I'll just mosey on back to my corner.[​IMG]
  6. soafung

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    sorry about that. i'm trying to quit smoking (not meat) cold turkey and i'm a bit irritable.
  7. jamminjimi

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    Hang in there the smoking will get better. Both the starting and the quitting. Also I did not mention it. But I used the search function to find the thread I posted for you. Hope your brisket comes out awesome.
  8. soafung

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    i''m curious...he had a 14 lbs brisket, trimmed 6 lbs of fat off and that would be 8 lbs of meat. after seperating the point and flat...wonder what the weights were? i'm trying to understand, if 225* = 1.5hrs/lbs...does 325* = .5 hrs/lbs?

    i'm trying to figure out the time shift with the temp increase. if the shift is linear and not exponential, the 275* = 1 hrs/lbs. just wonder if anyone has confirmation on these time/temp. calculations/estimates.
  9. earache_my_eye

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    As I'm sure you've probably read in one thread or another, the 1 1/2 hr./lb. at 225* is, at best, only an estimate. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to smoking meats. There are other variables that factor into the equation, such as meat quality...age...etc...and they vary from one piece of meat to the next. On any given day, you can take two briskets of identical weight...smoke them the exact same way...and one will most likely take longer to reach your desired internal temp.

    I can't begin to offer any times/temps for a hot and fast brisket, as I haven't attempted the process myself. My best advice is the same as what has already been some searching on the forum and/or on the web for more information, and then come up with a game plan from there. One way or another, your brisket will get smoked. Will it be exactly what you expect it to be like??........maybe. But, I'll just bet it will be edible....and give you ideas about how to do the next one.

    Good luck!!

  10. mythmaster

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    I've done hot and fast brisket in 5 hours @ 250* (3 in the smoke and 2 in the foil). It will depend on the cut and what temp you want to take it to, but 5 hours is a good estimate.

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