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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Members Group' started by farginicehole13, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Hey PA, just wanted to say hi.  I am new to the smoking scene and am currently waiting on my WSM 18.5 to arrive.  Hurry up UPS!  Anyway, I'll be sure to attach some photos of my setup and first smoke, which will be pork butt.
  2. Farginicehole13

    I am in Havertown new to this BBQ thing too and waiting for UPS lol.  Where are you located?

  3. Nice, I am originally from Drexel Hill, but am out in the Collegeville area now. 

    I did get my WSM, but with this crazy weather, I have only been able to use it twice.  First, I did a pork shoulder and made pulled pork.  Came out pretty good for my 1st smoke. I'm sure with a little tweaking, it'll be awesome.  The 2nd thing I did were 2 turkey breasts that at first I thought I screwed up.  Thought I put too much pepper in the rub.  But, after it sat all night in the fridge and made turkey sandwiches the next day, it was great.

    Good luck with your WSM.  Feel free to hit me up, or anyone for that matter, on ideas.

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