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    So I intended to go low and slow with my 2 10 lb butts, smokin on propane, with wood chunks... I had dig therms (igrill2) set up to alert me when out of range (215-250). Went to bed and woke up 2 hours later to 325!

    I know there is a high and fast method but I wasn't intending on that... Currently my smoker is at 190 (I dropped the temp) and my internal temp is at 170...

    Should I stay low like 190 or 200 to let it slow down or is that more damage than good? Has damage already been done from cooking too quickly or seizing up meat? What happened was my water pan went dry... Didn't plan on that after 2 hours!

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    Your doing just fine. No damage done. Just set the smoker back to 225 & let her go.

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    Looks like I was asleep while you were having trouble.  Hope that it worked out OK for you.

    Butts are pretty forgiving and I wouldn't worry too much about a short high temp surge but I realize that you probably don't know how long your surge was.

    I'm not familiar with propane smokers nor the iGrill therm, but I have a bud who returned an iGrill because it didn't transmit info very far at all.  Sounds like that may have been your trouble, too.
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    Al & one eyed... I related it back to 190 in fear that it was going to be done way too soon(I wanted to time them for mid afternoon for Super Bowl) and so the one butt was up to 170 and came all the way back to 147... Stayed there for quite awhile but has now climbed back up to 161... No chance of bacteria or anything since it stayed above 140 correct?
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  6. taterbutt

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    Also, can there be a second stall? My other one (which is on the top and furthest from the heating element) has stayed at 178 for 1:15...

    I've had that issue with top butt and bottom butt so I rotated them every so often this time... Any feedback?

    Thanks guys!

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