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Discussion in 'Pork' started by scn8ivnct, May 26, 2008.

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    Put on 2, 7lb butts at 10:30pm last night. It smoked for about 3-4 hrs. I checked the internal temp at 4: 30 am. It was 140. just checked it at 8:30 it was 150. It did not get that cold last night, about 50 w/ little wind. What is the internal temp I'm looking to get? and how long do you think it will take to get there? I have a brinkman gormet electric. Thanks SCn8ivnCT.
    I put on 2, 7lb butts on last night at 10:30 pm.It smoked for several hours. (In the past I have over smoked some meat and don't want to do that again.) Checked the internal temp at 4:30 am, was 140, checked at 8:30 it was 150. just checked at 9:30 it was 160. What internal temp am I shooting for? How long do I rest the meat after I reach the internal temp? What are some good tips on pulling pork? [​IMG] Thanks.
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    190+ to pull. I'd recommend when ya hit 180-ish...foil it. Check temps every half hour then. When she hits 190+, wrap in a towel and toss in a cooler for an hour or so. CAREFUL opening the'll be full of liquid gold! Collect the juice and de-fat. Make some finishing sauce with some of it, and reserve a bit for re-heating/freezing left-overs.
  3. i wrap it at 160 then let it go up to 190 to 200 wrap it up in towles and put in a cooler for a hour or two.i did two sholders sat and they turned out great doing it like this.but no qview camera broke.
  4. I'm sure there are others here with more experience that could give a better answer, but I followed the basics here:

    I went 8 hours, and went into foil, and worked towards 200. In the end I chose to pull it at 190. You should expect 1.5 hours per pound, but ultimately its about temp. It took me closer to 20 hours to get my 8.5# picnic done, but I had some issues holding the temp.
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    i did a butt last week and took it to 190 or so, wrapped in foil and towels, let rest for hour and a half or so then pulled apart and used LaFlaQueres finishing sauce. u are in for a treat!!!

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