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  1. Back story:I have been able to hot smoke on my 4 burner grill fairly well, have cured my own bacon for some time, and make my own sausage. but enjoy the slow cooked BBQ t so much much that took the plunge and I bought a "smoker". Masterbuilt 20050106 propane. On this site there have been a number of users complaining about the last of info that comes with the unit. No kidding!

    I stumbled upon this site today, and am so grateful. I already have learned a lot. I know that 90% of the time, as with computer software, it's operator error.

    I cannot keep the wood chips smoking for more than 20 minutes. Since the wood pan has openings to the burner, I put a samll metal pan with wet chips on top of it to produce the smoke.I have tuned the heat down as far as possible, but evidently it's still igniting them.

    Now, even I know that redoing the chips every 20 minutes defeats the "leave it alone, and let it cook slow" method. [​IMG]

    Can anyone offer advice--I have 2 lucious pork butts to cook tomorrow and don't want to have to tend them every 20 minutes!
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    don't have a gasser But maybe this will help. Don't soak your chips. Just take a big double handfull of the chips and wrap in a double layer of heavy duty foil .fold and seal the edges to make a airtight pkg . poke 4 to 6 holes in onwe side of the pkg w/ ice pick or small point.

    don't put pack right over fire but at the edge. that way the chips should catch at one edge and burn across.
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    You might also try using chucks instead of chips. I find on my Weber 650 Gasser I can only get 20-30 minutes out of chips but chunks usually will last close to an hour.

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