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    I have been browsing this forum for a couple of years trying to glean tips to improve my cooking and decided I would join because I enjoy reading the threads and although I am no pro I feel confident enough to participate. I currently have a La Caja China for whole hogs, a Masterbuilt electric, a Weber kettle grill and a Brinkman that is currently retired because I couldn't regulate the heat.

    Although I enjoy regularly cooking the mainstays, because of my ethnic heritage, I have a particular interest in Greek Cuisine and I have spent the last 25 years getting most of the techniques and recipes down. Now I am trying to combine my enjoyment of cooking with fire and smoke and greek food. In the not too distant past, most people in the Greek countryside cooked their food in an outdoor oven called a forno. Although the wood they used was different than the fruit woods and hickory that we use here, the concepts are similar. Thanks for all the tips and I look forward to learning more on this site!
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum, Great place to learn and share and a bunch of good people.

    Gary S

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