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    fixed pics 2014/12/15

    As some of you know I have no kitchen so this is a desperate attempt to satisfy my urges to post a q-view. I did however get to do a quick smoke last weekend, I will post  a Q-View when I get some pics downloaded.

    There are a ton of recipes out there for Pizza's, The Pizza's on this page are for a quick type Pizza you can throw on the grill.

    Since this is for a quick pizza I used quick ingredients and kept it real simple, for instance, Pilsbury Pizza crust, a package of spinach, some garlic, a jar of my favorite sauce, some olive oil and of course some mozzarella cheese.

    I keep most of these ingredients in the house and can have these on the dinner table in no time.

    Of course you can buy the rising type pizza dough or make your own dough and change up the ingredients such as adding chicken to the white pizza or veggies, and pepperoni to the traditional pizza.
    I wont go into this because pizza is one of the most versatile recipes out there and I could spend forever and a day talking about different combination's


    This is for a quick white pizza
    • Preheat your grill then Oil a cast iron skillet,place the dough inside, slightly pinching up the sides.


    • If using minced garlic from a jar, spread on the dough add a bit of mozzarella cheese, then spinach then more mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle the top with Olive oil and crack some black pepper and sea salt on top.



    • Get the grill up to at least 500°


    • Place in the grill, look below for tips on which burners to use.

    • Grill for up to 8 minutes on high heat, make sure to check the crust about 5 minutes in to make sure its not burning
    • Finished pizza ready to be removed, rest and sliced. Be careful removing the skillet it will burn you badly if you touch the me on this.


    Quick traditional Pizza
    • Oil Skillet and add dough, pinch up sides.
    • Add your favorite sauce 
    • Add tons of cheese!
    • A drizzle of olive oil

    • Salt, pepper and spices
    • Place on the grill
    • Once the pizza is starting to brown, check the crust
    • Golden Brown ready for a short rest.
    • Enjoy!

    If making multiple Pizza's, set the outside burners as high as possible and the inside burners on low, after the first pizza is done the skillet should be pretty hot and you can turn off the inside burners and grill by indirect heat only.

    These Pizza's took about 8 minutes each.

    The settings I used on my Weber were as follows.
    For the first Pizza

     Burner 1  Burner 2  Burner 3  Burner 4  Burner 5  Burner 6
     High  High  Low  Low  High  High

    Then for each additional pie after the first,
     Burner 1  Burner 2  Burner 3  Burner 4  Burner 5  Burner 6
     High  High  Off  Off  High  High

    And remember a pizza is only as good as it's ingredients, this pizza is OK for a quick meal and kids seem to love them.
    However if you want to wow your guests, your going to have to use better ingredients and mix it up a bit.
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    Pizza looks great SQWIB...
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    Awesome post! 

    I gotta look at it closer later.

    What do you mean no kitchen? Last time I saw it, she was coming along real good!


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    Wow nice post [​IMG]
  5. sqwib

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    Cabinets are in, still waiting on granite and then the plumbing will need to be done.
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    It's getting warm now. You don't need that kitchen. Fire up the smoker, no need to cook inside! The pizza's look delicious!
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    Love the quick Pizza!  Thanks for the details.

    I do kitchens here in TN.

    What cabinets did you use?  And what color granite?

    Hope to see some finished pics.  Our kitchen is also waiting on Cambria Quartz to get installed.  We are building so it will be about a month or so before we are in.
  8. meateater

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    Lets' see some smoked crust! Tis the season. :)~
  9. tyotrain

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    Wow looks great.. Nice post [​IMG]
  10. sqwib

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    We went with the Kraftmaid all plywood construction. I was skeptical because of all the negative reviews from the build quality and about HD installs.

    SO we ordered anyhow but did our own install.

    I think the  cabs are great quality, Ive worked with wood most of my life and I am really happy with the build quality as well as the finish.

    We got then in cherry (Piedmont)

    We just went back to the granite place and had to retag 2 slabs, the first slab we tagged was too small and they suggested tagging 2 slabs from the same lot... I agreed. They are scheduled for install Friday. We went with Bianco Antico.
  11. bearcarver

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    Keep an eye on the Granite size when you get it:

    My son got his granite from a place somewhere around Valley Forge (I forget the name). They picked out their matching slabs. Everything was fine. Then the company called a day or two before delivery, and asked my son if it would be OK if the Island top had 1/4" less overhang than the rest, because that piece was nearly 1/2" too small to get the full overhang. My son, knowing it was a lot of matching pieces in his kitchen, and knowing they were nearly ready to deliver & install, agreed to the 1/4" less overhang.

    Then when they delivered the tops, it turns out the Island top was even smaller. It had less that 3/4" overhangs. That's not even enough to cover the protrusion of the drawer fronts!

    He told them he would not accept that top. I was sure there is no way they had another matching slab to replace it with. They tried to make deals, like throwing in a FREE Vanity top when he does his bathroom. He said NO, the top is too small to accept. The owner called him, and like I thought, they would have to remake all of the tops to make them all right again. They finally came up with a compromise, that you might have noticed in the pictures I posted. They gave my son a $1500 option for free to make him happy. They built up the Island top with another bull-nosed thickness of Granite, making that top 2 1/2" thick, instead of their normal 1 1/4" thick top. They said that Island top weighed 1200 pounds!

  12. sqwib

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    Agreed, This is a one shot deal for me so its got to be right.

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