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  1. I've used my WSM maybe 10 times since I bought it new from Amazon. When I'm done, I take both grills and soak them in a tub with hot water and a few squirts of Costco dish soap. I let them soak anywhere from a few hours to overnight. Then I use a scrubber simillar to this one to clean the grills: Other than a few squirts of dish soap, I haven't used any chemicals on the grills. Well, today I noticed that it appears the plating has rubbed off the grills as there are spots where the grills are now a coppery color.

    I would think the grills would last longer, even though I've been using a scrubber. Is this normal? Should I be cleaning the grills another way?

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!
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    I do mine the same way and I'm gonna be ticked if the plating starts coming off the racks. You should be able to get years out of a metal rack like that before it starts to rust. I don't think you're doing anything wrong , but I'll be curious what other opinions you get.
  3. I don't know what the coating of the grill racks on a WSM is but my racks have a porcelain coating. I soak them overnight using the cheapest dishwasher soap I can find and the next day use a scrubbing pad on them. No wire brush. They clean up in a minute or two.

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