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  1. Hello I have another newbie question. Is there a insulation you can put on the GOSM? The only reason I ask, is I currently live in Mass and the winters here are cold I know not as cold as most places but im from Orange County, CA anything below 60 is cold.
    Any ways it seams to be harder for me to keep the temp i want in the winter. any advice will help.
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    Ok after I replied to this post I found this Thread. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=86784
    Check out the use of fire bricks as a heat sink. Check out Travcoman's Use of them in His GOSM in post #5.

    This is my original answer. To your question.
    Wrap it in a welders blanket. I have one for my Propane Kettle and it works fine. Mine has velcro straps that secure snug to the Kettle and make keeping temps up very easy. It keeps the heat in and the wind out.

    A wind break is a must in colder weather as well.
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    My gosm is fine with the colder weather, actually I have more problems in the summer keeping temps low enough.
    I would try just a wind break first if I were you, then the welder's binkie if that doesn't do it.
    Good luck!
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    A whole bunch of excellent info! My GOSM is also quite good in cold weather and as mentioned the worst temp problems are in keeping it at proper temp in summer.

    I lived in Mass for a number of years, too many I think, and my only problem was with wind. Here in Vermont wind is also the only problem. Right now it is -24F and there is no way I would try a smoke until at least zero.

    When wrapping your GOSM be mindful of the vents and your windbreak should have at least 18 inches of clearance all around.

    For rainy days I set a 90 degree stove pipe elbow over the top vent. Keeps the rain out and when pointed opposite the direction the wind is coming from it seems to help distribute the smoke by creating a small vacuum effect.

    So there's my two cents. Enjoy your GOSM and many happy smokes!

  5. Or... you can move back to Orange County and not worry about the cold temps [​IMG]
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    I believe some have even used cement board as insulation...
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    Ah, but then you gotta worry about burning bans, smog alerts and the environmental cops who don't understand our smoking habits.
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    3m makes a blanket for wrapping high temp duct and it's pretty heavy and has a thermo foil covering to it. I saw it on a job site and the A/C guy said it's pretty cheap to buy too.
  9. Nah, those issues come from the NORTHERN California hippies. :)

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