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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by grothe, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I picked up a 7# chicken roaster for a beer can smoke.
    Rubbed with evoo and cajun rub then let sit in the frig over night.

    Added a tbs of garlic powder to half a can of bud, set
    chicken on it, and put acouple of japs down the birds neck.

    This was looking WAY too healthy to me and I was trying to figure out how to add bacon to this....Hmmmmm
    GOT IT!!!

    Now I won't have to mop either......sooooo proud of myself LOL!

    Two hours 300 degrees

    Done after 2hours & 5mins

    The bacon, which will be crumbled for taters.

    The bird

    Rolled the chicken off the grate, into a bowl spilling the leftover beer n garlicpowder inside the bird and removed the can

    The bird was super juicey....the breast was actually more moist than the legs and wings

    Camera batter died so no plated pic....sorry

    Thanks for looking[​IMG]
  2. forluvofsmoke

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    That does look like a juicy, tasty and tender bird. Reminds me of a couple I did last spring in my GOSM...6 hr smoke @ around 210 degrees...fell apart when I slit the skin. GOOD EATIN'!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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