For Sale Gravity Fed Smoker Dual Chamber on trailer

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    Award winning custom built dual gravity-fed BBQ smoker. Comes with dual-axle 16' utility trailer. Stainless steel cabinet with stainless steel counter top and dual utility sink. On rear of trailer, stainless steel meat prep swivel table. Sunbrella custom fit zippered cover included. Has not been used more than 10 times. This cooker was custom made for Deep Smoke BBQ competition team. This is NOT another cookie cutter production model. Deep South Smokers from Cumming, GA produced this smoker. Both cooker and smoker purchased brand new 2014. 

    $7000 FIRM
    Located in Destin FL. - Could be pursuaded to ship the smoker for a fee.

    - 12 gauge steel sheet exterior skin and interior cook chamber shell.
    - 2" x 2" steel square tube frame.
    - 1" x 1" steel handle.
    - 2" thick, 8 pound Roxul insulation in all doors and lining inside exterior walls. 
    - 4" thick, 8 pound Roxul insulation around both charcoal chute/fireboxes as well as cook chamber wall and exterior walls.
    - 7 racks in each cook chamber (14 total) made of 1" x 1" square steel tube and ¾" #9 flattened expanded steel. 
    - 8" wide x 8" tall x 12" deep ash boxes (1/4" thick steel). Comes with an ash pan for each chamber 
    - Firebox/Charcoal Chutes are 8" x 8" steel. Bottom 12" (where actual fire burns) is fabricated from ½" thick steel. Remainder of charcoal chute is ¼" steel. Fire burns on ½" thick grate with engineered openings to allow ash to drop into ash pan and allow cooker to properly feed charcoal.
    - Patented heat distribution systems made of 4" x 8" steel tube, ¼" thick (engineered to distribute heat evenly throughout cook chamber).
    - Floors are sloped from 2" on back wall of cook chamber to 1" on front chamber sides to 0" in the center front of cook chamber where grease drain hole is located. 
    - Steam pan holders on bottom of cooker.
    - Comes standard with 3.25" exhaust.
    - 1 ½" steel pipe nipple on each ash box door for air draft control device.
    - Four wheels for ease in movement. 
    - Standard with 2 toggle clamp latches on each cook chamber door, 1 on each charcoal chute door and ash box door.
    - 1 slam latch on each cook chamber door. 
    - 3" dial, 6" stem thermometer in each cook chamber door 
    - Color scheme: black and blood red - true automotive paint with clear coat. The smokers stays cool to the touch and can accept vinyl graphics.
    - NO screws or rivets on cooker. Every seam has been welded solid.
    - NO body filler on cooker.
    - Exterior is 68" Wide, 58" deep from handle on door to pipe on ash box door and 50" tall from ground to top of exhaust

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