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  1. Help I am getting ready for a party next month and I have my wife talked into a small (40 to 50 lbs) pig. I am going to smoke it on my Brinkman Smoke N' Pit. I need an idea on how long it should take on low and slow and any problems I might run in to. We are going to serve this with potato salad, baked beans and bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. Will this feed 20? Rat
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    Personally I would get a bigger pig. Its great to send some home with each family. Small pigs don't have the right texture for me. You may like it. From Deer Trail you say, home of the "first rodeo". We pass by every year and always enjoy that sign. Good luck.
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    I wish I could help. That is a bit above my level.

    But please, post some pictures of your experience. Sounds like it will be very GOOD!
  4. Caant beleive someone knows of Deer Trail you must of been lost!!!
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    is the pig going to be butterflied or on a rotissiere? are you planning on pulling the meat are slicing and serving?
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    That should be big enough...I'm like Wayside, I like the leftovers too.[​IMG]
    I'm not familiar with your smoker. I use a horizontal wood burner for small pigs and anything over 75lbs I put on the cinderblock pit.
    On my horizontal, I start with the hams closest to the firebox, then switch ends half way through.
    The pigs that size that I have done take me around 8 hours... but you need to plan on an extra hour at least. After the smoke, let the pig rest for at least 20 minutes before digging in.

    Will the pig be skin on or skin off?

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