First Venison Back Strap

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  1. I cooked my first venison back straps today and I think I stumbled on a good recipe. It was easily the best I've ever had. I cooked two roasts that were about six inches long. My plan was to braise rather than dry roast, which isn't normally done for venison loin roasts. Instead of searing them I cold smoked them with oak for 1-1/2 hours after rubbing them with dried chopped onions, garlic powder, fine ground sage, and celery salt. I layered bacon on the bottom of a glass casserole pan and set the smoked loins in. I drizzled a lot of maple syrup over the loins, covered them in more bacon, injected melted butter through the bacon into the loins. I drizzled some birch syrup on top of that and took the first pic.

    I covered it with foil and baked it at 350 until the internal temp was 140. I let it rest for about 10 minutes and the internal temp came up to 145. I took the bacon off and sliced it for serving.

    If I do it again, I will probably take the foil off at 140 and bring the internal temp up to 145 before removing it from the oven, but only because one center slice seemed rare and I prefer medium rare.
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    CE, Nice looking straps !!!![​IMG]

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