First run at smoking meat

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jimmi_jones, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Two six pound Boston Butts

    Rubbed last night with garlic powder/onion powder/salt/black pepper/cayenne pepper/chili powder/brown sugar mix and wrapped tight in plastic wrap left in fridge about eighteen hours.

    Started this morning in brand spanking new charcoal smoker. Using water soaked hickory on top of lump. Half gallon of water and one quart of homemade Foreign Extra Stout in drip pan. Four and a half hours in and internal temp is about 160F.

    Looks and smells very good.

  3. jocosa

    jocosa Meat Mopper

    Save the homebrew! Water works just as well in the pan, reading up on here will tell ya most people think the same...

    Guess a stout would smell good after simmering for a while... but think you'll enjoy it more in a pint glass or in a mop for meats. [​IMG]

    Isn't the 'first bark' experience grand? I always enjoy seeing what will develop...

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