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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by the zil, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Got an eye of round and sliced it 1/4 " thick, with the grain. Then, sliced those strips into segments across the grain as I saw some one else do. The pieces aren't very long, like typical jerky, so we will see how it goes. Have them marinating in a kit I got at ConYeager Spice store called Hillbilly jerky. Will let them marinate for 12-24 hrs then into the smoker. Think I'll use apple and oak to smoke.

    Used my new slicer and froze meat for 90 min first. Tried to remove as much fat as possible.

    Almost forgot to get a picture of the slices. These were odds & ends. The more uniform slices are in my marinating bag

    In the bag with the marinade.

    This kit can do 10# in 2, 5# batches. Very convenient.

    I priced S hooks at Lowes and didn't want to pay so much for them so I threaded the jerky onto bamboo skewers and hung the meat through the grill. 100 pieces in all. The oddballs are flat on a smaller grill tray on top that I salvaged from a Cake Pop donut maker (useless appliance).

    Loaded the meat into the MES 30 at 180 deg F for one hour to dry with the vent closed (as per jerky package instructions). Got the AMNPS lighting up now. Had some trouble with it for the pulled pork so I want to be sure it is going good. Using 50/50 hickory & cherry that I dried in the microwave first.

    Once I apply the smoke I will decrease temp to 150 deg F and open the vent 1/4 way, per package direction, for 1 hr, then decrease temp by 10 degrees every hour til it gets to 130 deg F. Smoke at 130 F til done. Does this sound good for the MES 30?

    Well, here it is. I'm not entirely sure it is done. Don't really want shoe leather consistency but want to do it right. Wish I would have let it marinade longer. I let it marinade about 18 hrs. Next time ill go at least 24. Right now the smoke flavor is overpowering the marinade but it is fresh out of the smoker. Going to let it rest awhile then try it again.

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  2. Looks like a plan! I just bought a package of that seasoning but haven't tried it yet. 

    Don't forget the q view!
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks like you are off to a tasty start! Will be looking forward to the final results!
  4. I sure do like jerky. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    Happy smoken.

  5. the zil

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    Had to tinker with the AMNPS to get it going. Emptied the drip pan and removed the chip tray altogether. Chip hopper is slightly open. I swear I will NOT open that door again!
  6. the zil

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    AMNPS will not stay lit. As a last resort I've moved it up from the bottom left, beside where the chip try goes, to above the water pan and tented it with foil. Seems to be working a little better. I'm about ready to break out the chips and just use the hopper instead of pellets. I don't understand why it worked well on previous smokes but nothing but grief these past two.
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    Looking good so far..
  8. the zil

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    Finally got it. Smoking good now. Just realized the trouble started when I started using cherry pellets. Now I know to make accommodations for the cherry. Back on track!
  9. Yes cherry is the hardest to burn...Mix it with something else. Also remember to microwave before you start or put the AMNPS in the MES while you are heating it up. Then lite. Make sure you have it going good before you put it in the MES

  10. the zil

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    I did 50/50 with hickory but mixed all together rather than layering the cherry on top. It is going great now. I saw someone else suggested putting a soup can over the air outlet and I thought I would. I snipped the ends off of an old beer can, didn't have a soup can, and sat it on there. WOW, what a difference. I learn more with each smoke. Thanks.
  11. Glad to hear yo have it going your way.

  12. the zil

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    wow... looks pretty awesome for a first try! you sure you haven't done this before?! [​IMG]

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