Finished inside meat color ?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by racer47, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. I have smoked 2 pork butts on my Traeger smoker. Both turned out with great flavor, juicy, and tender. My question is this: This weekend we had dinner with some friends and they had smoked a butt too. Again, it was great, juicy and tender. Theirs was a much lighter color of meat than mine 2 have been. His was smoked in an electric smoker, but I don't know which brand. What could have been the difference?
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    The big difference could be that yours had a lot of red--pink from the outside bark in, because his electric smoker won't get a smoke ring like yours can.

    You could have had a heavier bark too.

    Could also be a difference in the butts.

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    I have seen the inside of butts and shoulders turn out very dark to very light.  I'm always experimenting with brines and rubs but I don't attribute the color of the final product to what I did.  It's just the meat. 
  4. OK Cool !! Thanks for the replies !

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