Father's Day Prime Rib

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  1. So this Fathers Day I am going to be smoking the most expensive meat I have purchase to date. A 4 Bone Prime Rib. I have a Masterbuilt, and while it is fantastic for temperature control (actually cooks things a bit fast sometimes), it never seems to do well creating a crust, or bark. I have even resorted to finishing most meats on the grill for a RS. In any case, this is one I can't get wrong, so I wondered if any of you running electric smokers, especially the Masterbuilts, have overcome this, and what your solution was?

    (Likely will make a separate thread of my brisket troubles)

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    MES are Great for Prime Rib, and very Easy.

    Here are two of my favorites----One in a Pan, and one not in a Pan.

    These are in Step by Step form:

    Smoked Prime Rib (47th Anniversary Dinner)

    Thanks Richie!!
  4. Thank you guys for the speedy replies!! I check out your links Bear, and I think that is going to be my guideline for Prime Rib.
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    Can't go wrong with Bear & his MES recipes!


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