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  1. I've owned my first ECB since back in 2000. Never smoked in it. Two years ago, on the 4th of July, I was BBQing at my sister's house in town and less than 1/2 hour after I took the meat off the grill someone came and stole it. Hot charcoal and all. Needless to say I had to have another. So I found one is very decent shape at a yard sale complete for $10. I decided right then I was going to learn to smoke. I started on this site and since then I can't stop smoking. I've smoked 12# briskets, pork roast, tons of ribs, a whole turkey (incredible!), salmon (heaven next to the ribs). I only use Lump charcoal and I experiment with different soaked woods.

    My dilemma is this. I need a tad more room! Has anyone devised an add-on to the ECB so that you can smoke moreat one time? I find the max spare ribs I can do is 2 slabs. I use a rack that holds them vertically.

    One thought I had was to find another ECB for cheap. Leave the legs on the INSIDE. Set that one  ON TOP of original ECB with the legs sliding inside so that they are stacked. The devise a door (obviously have to cut one) so that meat can be accessed without removing the lid. The only other way to do it is omit cutting the door and just have them stacked but then you're needing help LIFTING both ECB's at once off the charcoal and when they both have meat in them you've got considerable weight not to mention being top-heavy and awkward to manage.

    So any BETTER ideas? If not, what do you think of the "stacking method'?

    Thanks fellas and a BIG THANKS for the site! I couldn't produce the excellent results I've had without you!

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    Mine is around 34 years old now +/-.  I actually removed the legs and elevated it on congrete blocks. Depending on the openings, I can add more or less air if needed. Also I can lift it off the fire pan without opening the lid.

     As to more cooking space.......I added a Charcoal--converted to propane--GOSM.
  3.  The first pictures of a 2-stage Brinkmann/Bass Pro Saturn V Smoker. I may opt to just use it as is before I decide to modify a hinged door to the upper chamber for easier access. I will however, use my modified lid that has the vent holes drilled into it. It works well! I used an old disc-brake shim as the cover for the top vent. I've been using a turkey deep fryer thermometer in one of the end holes of the top vent until I can get a better one from Wal-mart.

  4. Hey Fellas!! Well it's been last July since I last posted but I keep up with you all on FB and the Daily Newsletters.

    As I showed you last year. I felt I needed a little more space to increase my volume of smoked meats so I decided

    to double up my ECB's. The results so far have been excellent. The chicken, ribs and salmon have turned out excellent.

    Really, there's no reason they wouldn't. I've just expanded the space is all. But the REAL test is coming this weekend.

    I'm going to try a nice brisket and see how well it produces and retains heat and smoke. Unless someone has a good

    reason not to, I'm going to put the brisket on the very top grill just under the lid. In case you're wondering, the reason

    using both cylinders  for just one cut of meat is that I want to see if I get a better smoke with the meat the furthest away

    from the coals. I'm guessing it will take a little longer, but not much. After all, the temperature should remain constant.

    The 3rd picture shows the lid with 8 holes drilled and I've employed a disc backing brake plate as a vent regulator.

    This allows me to regulate the heat pretty well. Better than I had originally expected.

    The middle picture is the charcoal bin. I of course used the larger of the two pans that came with the second ECB.

    There are exactly the same number of vent holes on the opposite side. My question here is this. Should I also drill the

    same holes on the other two sides or would that be inviting TOO much air?

    Please feel free to give comments and suggestions as I am always open to constructive criticism. I hope to post this

    weekends brisket attempt. This is not my first attempt at brisket but it will be the first in this expanded version of the ECB.

    Thanks Folks and have a most Blessed day!


    FYI, my own rub for beef I've been using with success is:

    ·             1/2 cup Brown Sugar

    ·             1/4 cup paprika

    ·             2 teaspoons chili powder

    ·             1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    ·             2 tablespoon salt

    ·             2 teaspoons black pepper

    ·             1 tablespoon garlic salt

    ·             1 tablespoon celery salt

    ·             1/2 teaspoon dry mustard

    ·             1 tablespoon Coriander

    ·             1 tablespoon Cumin

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    Looks interesting, will be waiting for the weekend!
  6. Got a got 14# full packer at Sams Club. Trimmed all the fat clean which I'm sure was at least 4#, which you can see in the pictures. then I cut the brisket where it looked to taper down to the smalIer flat. I got the brisket on at 6:15. About 9:30 just before leaving for church I had to add the 2nd batch of coals. Smoker temp was sitting a nice 230 degrees and internal meat temp was 117 degrees. Church ran over and I didn't get home until 1:00pm and the temp was all the way down to about 160. Stoked another starter canister full of lump charcoal (it's ALL I ever use) and it rose in excess of 280. I vented it a bit. Open the lid and check the temp at about 2:30 and the internal temp is 140. I figure another 2 hours should do it. Since I took all the fat off, I used apple juice in the liquid pan. As you can see in the pics, they're staying nicely moist on top. The liquid pan is just above the coals on the bottom smoker. both pieces of brisket are on the top two racks of the upper smoker.

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    This is an interesting concept and I will be following this with interest.  The appearance of that smoker has certainly changed, just to say the least!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    This looks like a couple of the old folks sitting around the pool here, all wrinkled up. Seriously the brisket looks awesome now we need some sliced pics.


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