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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by smokin t, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. I am getting ready to put the stack on a small reverse flow I am building, and was looking for some input on the height of the pipe from the cooking grate.  Should it be at the top of  cooking chamber, or closer to the cooking grate?
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    Alot of folks say it doesn't matter with a reverse flow. I placed mine at grate level and it works great. I think it helps retain the heat that would otherwise be lost if the stack was placed higher. I'm no expert but just one opinion. Happy smoking! [​IMG]
  3. tom37

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    One of my RF's has the stack exit the end of the cook chamber with the center of the pipe at grate level

    And the other one has the stack closer to the bottom of the cook chamber, but its not a round chamber and the stack size is large, 8".

    I agree that with a stack exiting the top, alot of heat is going right on out, to fast.

    After becoming a smoking veteran you could probably control this with a damper on the stack vs extending the stack into the cook area. 

    Better be careful with a damper tho, its easy to over smoke and turn the meat bitter.
  4. I put mine at grate level and works really good. I agree with the other posts, to much heat going right out if it is at the top.
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    If you decide to not extend the pipe down into the chamber you can add a mod that is removable. I have a rolled piece of aluminium flashing up in my stack. It can be easily adjusted up and down or  removed for cleaning.....
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    And to add to what Boykjo said, its adjustable so you can control the heat/smoke to suit your method of cooking, for example you might want the exhaust pipe slightly higher than the grates for an all wood smoke and lower the exhaust pipe closer to the grates for charcoal and Lump.
  7. Thanks for the advice.  I endeded up welding two peices of 2x4 rectangle tube together side by side so the stack ended up being 2 in deep by 8 in wide.  One side I left high in the cook chamber and the other side I brought close to the bottom grate, both sidesof the stack with a seperate damper plate on top.
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    How about some pictures
  9. boykjo

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    That smoker is a beast............... Keep us posted on your build

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