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  1. How many Tablespoons in an ounce of spice mix. My mixes come with the recipe for 10lbs of sausage and I need to know how to measure in Tablespoons. 4 ozs = ? lbs
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    That is impossible to tell with out a Scale...especially with Blends....4oz of anything =1/4 Pound...16oz in a Pound....Sorry I can't help more here!...JJ
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    go get a digital scale.  For $20.00 you'll be set:

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    A good scale is almost as important as a good thermometer. Plus we need our toys!  [​IMG]
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    Like JJ said all spices and blends will weigh something different. But if you know the bag of spice mix will make ten pounds you can measure it by volume and then divide that to get what you want...if you do it carefully it will be fairly close.

    You could take the whole 10 pound worth and measure out how many tablespoons it's equal to (don't loose count half way through) or you can dump the whole bag in a calibrated mixing cup and divide the total amount by the amount you need. Let's say the 10 pounds worth of mix equaled 1 cup by volume, and you want to know how much you need for 1 pound. Just divide the cup (16 Tbsp) by 10 and you get 1.6 tbsp.per pound. a little over half and a little under one and three quarters.

    How this helps more them confuses
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    As said before, you need a scale that measures precisely.

    A tablespoon of granulated salt weighs differently than a tablespoon of kosher or sea salt. Even tablespoons of kosher salt will vary from one brand to another.

    When spices are blended it becomes almost impossible.

    There are tables giving the weight of different spices as compared to volume, but even those are only approximations depending on how your spice was packaged.

    Weights are better, but not perfect.  Fortunately we get to experiment and learn the hard way?

    Good luck and good smoking.

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