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    Just thought someone would be able to offer advice.  I am making salami.  I have a freezer set up that controls temp & humidity somewhat.  The freezer controls temp very well, but humidity is another issue.  It is easy to add moisture, but removal is difficult while holding temp.  The first day 24hrs, I set 85F and 90rh, no problem.  For the next 3 wks the recipe calls for 57F and 75rh.  The freezer maintains 57F exactly, but the moisture hovers around 90rh, unable to remove moisture unless I open the door several times a day, then the rh drops to about 78rh for an hour or so.  Any suggestions?
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    I have a dehumidifier in the freezer, it is the cooling coil.  However the controller is set for 57F, so the temp inside never condenses any water.  See the photo:

    I have the temp controller set to turn on the cooling coil at 57F, and the defrost heating element whenever the inside is less than 57F, only would happen if the outside temp was low.  The humidity controller operates a humidifier inside the freezer.  So when I started the controller was set for 85F & 90rh, so the heating element defrost came on to hold 85F, and the humidifier came on to add moisture at 90rh.  Good for the 24hr period when I started.  Now the controller is set for 57F, and 70rh, but the rh never goes below the setpoint.    See photo of salami...

    So to let out some of the moisture, I open the door for a min, then close it, hence a drop in humidity.  So I think my only solution is to leave the door cracked a bit, or add an exhaust fan with an intake grille...this means the cooling coil would operate for a longer period.
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    Depends on how large the freezer is... but a pan, large pan of saturated salt should control the humidity around 75%... use distilled water for the liquid...

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    I put 2 gal of salt inside, let's see what happens....my next idea would be to put either calcium chloride, or sodium hydroxide lye.  I was wondering if I used calcium chloride, can it be regenerated by putting in an oven to drive off the water like an desiccant?
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    The salt needs to be in a tray with water in the salt solution... a saturated salt solution.... with very little extra water....
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    Those to chemical compounds are not on the list.... why would you use those ??

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