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  1. So I ventured into the double smoke arena over the weekend. Two 3.5lb pork butts and a 7lb chicken. I brined the chicken overnight and rubbed the pork down (that didn't sound right) the night before. Chicken took about 4.5hours cook time and the butts took about 6.5hours at 235degrees. Both came out awesome.
    I should note in the pic of the smoker, my Don Pepin Series JJ cigar I was smoking came completely unraveled when I snipped it (not a good start to a cigar that I had not even lit yet), I was less than thrilled by this, but nonetheless it was a great smoke too.

  2. Looks really good. What is it they call that the way you laid out your chicken. Something about a frog I think. Got to give that a try next time.
    As for the cigars, my wife won't let me smoke. Says it might stunt my growth. [​IMG]
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    good looking food!!! Did the pork reciprocate? [​IMG]

    TY for the Qview~~ [​IMG]

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