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    How many of you all use a diffuser?  I have done 2 smokes on my UDS; spares which came out ok; not as tender as I would have liked and some of the tips were hards; but I did have some fire mngmt issues and I do a no-foil smoke for about 6 hours.  I did 2 pork butts last weekend and the flavor was awesome but again some dry areas of the butt.  Took them to about 165ish then foiled wrap and finished in the oven but they were on the UDS for about 10 hours.  The temps hovered between 225 & 240 and it was a perfect smoke.

    My old smoker was a char-broil double chef a wsm 18.5 knock off basically and I have a diffuser bowl filled w/ sand and my smokes have always been perfect; juicy, tender, etc....So I know I have not given the UDS a fair shake, but I am VERY impressed with how easy it is.  Anywho just wanted some thoughts on those who use a diffuser and how your food comes out.  Here are some pics.  (I have since capped one of my exhaust pipes as I was having a difficult time controlling temps when breezy)








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    Hey Mark, First of all welcome to the site and our group!

    Have you cooked anything since you closed off one pipe. The first thing I thought of was you were not keeping the moisture in the barrel. I use a steel dish in the bottom of mine above the heat. I left about 2 inches from the sides of the barrel to the dish. I really think now that you closed one of the pipes off your meat will be really moist. Let us know how you make out! Jeff

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