did an abt/aet type trial....

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    Like I posted couple days ago, my mind was thinking about peppers. Went to the local w/d for groceries and they had all kinds of peppers. I picked up some jalapeno, banana, and aneheim. Here is what I did:
    For the jalapenos I did the plain cream cheese ABT wrapped in bacon and they were good.
    For the banana peppers my thought was to season the cream cheese with the rub I used on the butt I was doing at the same time as well as stuffing some prosciutto and toasted coconut shrimp in there. Well I ran out of time on my shrimp and didn't have prosciutto so used canadian bacon. One was wrapped in bacon the other wasn't. They were good.
    For the aneheim I mixed 10oz. crushed pineapple with cream cheese and 1 teaspoon kosher salt. They were good.

    Thoughts are to add another 10oz pineapple to the aneheim mix, and the canadian bacon was too thick. Wish I had some onion and garlic in the mix. I also had plans for shrimp ka-bobs but again ran out of time.

    Yes the pulled pork (with SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce) was great.
    - outback, there were no datl or lemon peppers at my store but sounds good.
    -crownovercoke, had my bell pepper ready for your recipe but again, ran out of time....I was sleepy but it is in the fridge waiting for me.
    - can't remember where I found the idea of using a disposable tin on here for the pepper holder but that was a heck of an idea
    -also can't remember where I read about using juice boxes instead of spray bottle but that worked great too.

    first time using photobucket so hope that works too :)

    ok, sorry everyone, wasn't trying to offend but I'm not a whiz at this posting thing
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    Those peppers all look good.
  3. bbq bubba

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    Looks Awesome!! Now could you PLEASE resize those pics?[​IMG]
  4. deejaydebi

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    Great looking food crawdaddy!
    Nice looking butt. It's a pepper-bration! So which pepper version did you like best? There's no limit to what we can do with our smokers!

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