Deer Batch Fine....Beef Batch NASTY.....

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by golson, Feb 27, 2011.

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     Well I did a terrific batch of Deer last week and it came out perfect but the Beef Jerky is like a leather belt and still moist after 13 hours. I used Eye of Round and the same seasoning mixture as I used for the deer. Here is the process of both.


    Hi Mountain original seasoning

    4 pounds of Deer

    cured for 24 hours

    Smoked in MES at 160F for 6.5 hours

    Came out nice and dry and a good bend to it....


    Hi Mountain original Seasoning

    6 pounds of Eye of Round

    cured for 24 hours

    smoked in MES at 160F for 13 hours

    Came out still a little moist and bent like a rubber hose. Not dry at all.

    I don't know what the difference is between the deer and beef, but the beef would seem like to stay in a moist state after 6 hours or so and would never dry anymore after that. So I left it in as long as i could stand it until 13 hours. I did hang the strips on toothpicks on top rack for both. And I believe for the beef batch, that I had more of the strips closer together but not really touching. It could have been that the jerky was too close to each otters and not allowing the heat to circulate in the dense area of the strips.....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
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    I think if your read the back of the high mountain box it says to finish at 200F I could be wrong its been awhile using that cure.. or were ever the directions are lol
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    I read on here that not many people follow Hi Mountains temperature recommendations. I don't want to cook the meat. In any case both Deer and Beef used Hi mountain seasoning. Different results by a big margin.
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    i dont know the answer but when you find let me know.

    same thing seems to happen to me. elk jerky is the best i have ever eaten,then try the same

    everything on beef and you wonder if the dog would even eat it.
  5. bilder

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    Most commercial beef is injected with liquid to help maintain color and moisture while at the store.  The added moisture may be the reason it is taking longer to dry. 

    I finish my beef jerky in the dehydrator if needed or just give it more time in the smoker.

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