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  1. Hey guys, new to posting on this forum.  I was inspired by a couple of other people on here to build my Vintage Fridge Pellet smoker.  It took a little time to even find the right fridge and I got them down to $200.00.  It was a heavy beast, but it only took me an hour to deconstruct the thing.  It had old cardboard for insulation and the bottom pan was rusted pretty bad.  But not too concerned since it

    won't really do much.  I just sprayed it with a lot of zinc primer. 

    Here some pictures.

    Sorry my garage is a mess right now

    Custom drip pan 

    This is what the real stick wood will rest on and smoke like real wood should :)

    I ordered all the interior metal from a local shop in Tacoma.  I had them create a 3" water pan out of steel, but everything else is out of aluminum so save money and weight.  They did a great job.  

    I have the pellet pro hopper, definitely a Chinese product, but I am sure it will work fine.  I also have the Jerry's Genuine Smoker plate so I can use real stick wood for real smoke.  My buddy is going to pain it for me, I picked a 1960's vintage Red Chevy two tone.  It's gonna rock.  I have a 6" Chrome stove pipe exhaust tip for the top for exhaust.  I have been cooking and competing on a pellet grill for the last 4 years and love how well they work, but never was able to get the infused smoke in the meat like my Kamato grill.  So this combination will be the best of both worlds.  Solid cook temps and deep smoke penetration.  

    Prior to paint, I will deconstruct the unit and then following paint insulate it with my rock wool.  I am not going to go too nuts on the insulation since the fridge is already a double wall design and I don't want too much heat build up if I am running below 200.  I want to avoid having to cut a 2nd hole for air flow.  I want just enough insulation to avoid messing my paint job up.

    I will be sure to update you on the future progress and cooks.  

    Deepsmoke out
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  2. summerbee

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    I am working on my first build as well. Pics like yours are really inspiring. Thanks for posting and don't stop until you show us your first smoked rack. 
  3. Sounds great, I think the most time consuming part was sanding and prepping it to be painted.  The tear down and rebuild was fun.  Even got my boys involved to help me too.
  4. Fired it up...

  5. $0.30 cent fix

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    Great looking build!

  7. Great build .I like your idea of putting in an exhaust diffuser. I made mine with chrome exhaust out the top same as yours, but during cold weather i get black condensation dripping onto product.
  8. Great point!  Yeah don't want stuff getting on the meat.

  9. Well I got it painted.  It came out amazing.  One stage metallic Oldsmobile Red... 
  10. I started tonight getting the insulation in and then my son helped me and just kept going.

  11. More photo's 

    Getting closer

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    Looking great!
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  13. Great build Dennis, thanks for sharing! POINTS!!!
  14. Can't believe it's finished!  Latest New Video

  15. Impressive build Dennis. Wait until your neighbors get a whiff of what you have got going on, they will be over for dinner every night

    Where did you end up buying your pellet hopper from?
  16. Thanks,  My neighbor came over while I was burning it in and he is now wanting to build one :).

    I got my pellet feeder from SmokeDaddy, it's the pellet pro.  I have been cooking on a pro pellet grill "Grid Iron" by Blazn Grill works for about 3.5 years and love it.  Just needed more room, vertically.  So I will have something to compare the pellet pro to after using it for a while.  
  17. Great build Dennis!
    What was the outdoor ambient temperature when you were showing the exterior wall temperatures in the video?
  18. It was 60 degrees.
  19. Thx
    I am building a vertical smoker with 2" insulation all the way around and was wondering what sort of heat transfer I might see.
  20. Yeah. For mine it's just above ambient temp. 70-120. Cooler thank car Temps in Arizona.

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