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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ewatts2003, Jul 16, 2015.

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    Hey all.  This is my first post on here other than in the Roll Call Forum.  I've been smoking on a Traeger for a couple years and decided to enter a local competition that's coming up.  It's nothing huge, more just for fun than anything.  

    Anywho, we will be smoking 5 racks of pork spare ribs, and 2 pork loins (8-10 lb).  I'll be using two Traegers with cherry pellets.  The ribs I am pretty confident on.  I do a 2-1-1 method and I'm very happy with how they turn out.  Whole pork loin on the other hand I've had some trouble with.  The last one I smoked turned out very blah.  I use a homemade pork rub, no injection, no spritz, and draped bacon over the top.  Cooked at 275* until IT hit 140, wrapped in foil and let sit in the oven for half hour.  

    What do you guys recommend for pork loin?  I've searched on here and found some decent info, but everything tends to lean towards the tenderloin and not just the loin.  Also what would you guys do for a turn in box?  I was thinking thicker slices, paint with a little sauce, and dust with a little rub to finish them off.  Oh and I should mention I have 6 hours from the time they hand out the meat until turn in.

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    I am way to new to be of any use, but good luck! also, if you have time, I am sure we would all love to see pictures. 

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