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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bridge guy, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Hi I am wanting to build a reverse flow out of some casing. Thinking about 18 to 24 in depending on what I find.
    I would like some advice on about where to put baffle or heat plate and size firebox i need.

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    Derek, morning.....  Do a little reading in the link below....  Gather some ideas on your build... Gather the materials....  that forum will be a great help to get you going... when you have a specific question we are here....  In my signature line are several calculators to  help you out also...  The calculators can be confusing so don't hesitate to ask questions.....      Dave
  3. Thanks Dave,
    I will read some more. I am looking for size of firebox vs smoke area. The big question I am looking for is sq in of fire box opening vs where to put heat plate in smoking chamber.
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    You need the size of the cook chamber before you figure any other numbers....  that is the starting point....  
  5. Ok, I have made a rough draft of what I am thinking but now cant seem to download the picture.
    I made all things roughly for what is called out by the excel calculator spread sheet. So if someone could help me out with that I will upload it.
    One of the questions I have is about the firebox size. It is only 12" tall and I want a log rack 4" from bottom. Does that affect the firebox size?
    Another question, is 6" down from cooking grate enough for the tuning plates.
    If my opening between firebox and cooking chamber is too large is it fine to put an adjustable gate on it?
    Last I think using an 18" casing only 24" long will be large enough for me but seems small compared to most I have seen. I want to keep it small as possible to use less fuel.

    I welcome any thoughts and will post a very rough sketch when I figure out how to.
  6. Here is one site    

      Just type in "smoker calculators" in you search engine 

      My son built a 16" RF because he wanted something just for him. Cooks and works great, just to small. Like myself I end up

      wanting to really load mine up and cook for everybody. If you have the material for a little bit larger smoker I don't think you will be sorry.
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    Gary, morning......  Look in my signature line.........   Dave
  8. Most of time when i smoke for family at the most it would be 2 turkeys or brisket and some vegetables of some sort in a pan. There was one time I did wish I had a large smoker because I would have liked to oook ribs for the whole company I work for. The smoker I had was only half of what I needed.
  9. One more thought on size,  Depending on where or if you use a water pan allow for that. I sit mine on the RF plate so I don't take up any usable space on my grates. I have two slide out's. when I do turkey I just remove my top rack and I can cook two pretty big turkeys.

    The smoker I was telling you about my son built he also has two racks. The top one you can only load small stuff  like sausage, boudin, or a rack of ribs. If he cooks pork shoulder, turkey or anything very tall he removes the top rack. He went ahead and put it in while he was building his smoker just so he would have it. Also put a hinged lid on top of the firebox with grating so he could grill steaks. The pipe he used was a piece of 3/8" x 16" that he had left over from a job. Pipe is pretty heavy. we usually use 1/4" pipe and plate on all the others.
  10. Here are some picture of the 16"

  11. The one picture where the guy is standing beside it, you can really get a good idea of the size. For a couple of people it is really a good size, and doesn't burn much wood or charcoal.
  12. Very nice, that is about the right size i am looking at. I also like the idea of the sliding racks and removing the top one if needed.
    I am going to add a control from fire box to cooking chamber for better temp control.
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    :hijack: nothing like it....
  14. Ok, finialy found some pipe to start buildig with after a hour of kicking around a muddy scrap yard. It is 20" diameter and 3' long and 210 lbs. Just about right.
  15. Be sure and post some pictures as you go.

  16. Ok, its been a while since I posted anything. Got distracted with normal busy life but now working on smoke project. I have posted some pictures and welcome any input or comments.
    Hopefully I can finish project in a few more weeks.

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    Looking good!
  18. Looking good !!!!   You don't need a damper between the FB and CC

  19. Well my thought was that I made the opening between firebox and cooking area larger than it should have been and this way I could adjust some if needed.
    I used the spread sheet on openings and intakes and such. I do have a question perhaps someone can explain. It seems that the smaller the stack the longer it should be when I think it should be just the opposite.
    I also thought about putting a burner under the plate that I could light just to kick off the heat faster with all the thick metal and such.
    Any comments?
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    Gary S your smokers looks bigger then 16"?

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