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  1. Just aquired a BSKD for free. Did a search here and found many helpful mods that I hope to start tomarrow. My question has to do with the hight of the stack, or lack there of. Should I extend the stack? Does a higher stack serve any purpose? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!!!!!
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    ok,'ve seen the mods for your smoker...extending the stack UP should create more draft which will help with a sluggish fire that doesn't want to burn....may cause excessive use of charcoal/wood, too. Extending the stack DOWN to grate level inside the smoker will help tremendously with keeping temps even from one side to the other of the cook chamber.
  3. Cool, Thanks. I will have to look at what I can do. Any other suggestions or pics from any one?
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    Remove the grilling rack and put the ash pan in it's place, this will direct more heat into the smoke chamber.

    Next throw out the wire coal rack and replace it with a fireplace grate. You can load up a lot more fuel for longer smokes. Preburn some large chunks and add them as needed.

    You'll use less fuel, the temps will be higher and more consistent in the smoke chamber, and it keeps the paint from burning off the firebox. These units are made for charcoal, probably because it's a grill also. But can be used as a wood burner when smoking. Hope this helps. [​IMG]
  5. Thanks for the replies. Went to lowes this morning. I built a stand to put under the coal basket to raise it up a little. I also got some sheet to build a baffle. Hopefully I will have this thing blowin smoke this afternoon.[​IMG]

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