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    Welcome to SMF

    It looks good ya got a story to go with it like what kind of wood? what kind of smoker? details man details [​IMG]
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    Looks like some sun-baked road kill on an old storm drain...

    Like Piney said, give us the story with all the details...

    BTW, welcome to the forum. Be sure to check in to the Roll Call section....
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    Welcome to the SMF, give us a Little introduction about yourself and your hardware. I moved your thread to roll call, so that everyone has the chance to welcome you. How about the story behind the brisket? it's all good my friend.
  4. Welcome! Looks good, what did you do to make it?
  5. jettster

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    Sorry, meant to finish typing the backstory to accompany my QView. It's my first attempt at smoking a Brisket. I picked up a barrel smoker made by All Attachments (anyone heard of them before?) off of Craigslist for $20. It's made of iron with iron grates. I'll post pics later. Paid $20 for the smoker, no rust just some spiders. I on a restaurant in Baltimore and wanted to add some smoked meats and charcuterie to my menu.

    It's a 25lb brisket smoked with Hickory and Mesquite for about 12 hours @ 200. The iron did an amazing job of keeping the temp steady! I rubbed her down with mustard followed by a spice blend of cumin, cayenne, salt, pepper, and a touch of Old Bay and finely ground dark roast coffee. After resting in my walk in overnight I put her on @ 0500. Pulled her just shy of 1700 and wrapped her in foil, some kitchen towels and let her rest in our proofer box for another hour and a half.

    Running her with some classic potato salad and a Cajun Cole Slaw with some Peach BBQ on the side for a little sweetness (Peaches are in season in MD so I picked up a case).

    Very satisfied with the results, tender, juicy with a substantial smoke flavor but not overwhelming.
  6. Good job on first try.... I'm impressed... and welcome![​IMG]
  7. Peach BBQ Sauce sounds great!
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    Welcome aboard Jettster!  Great looking brisky!

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