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Discussion in 'Beef' started by two much smoke, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. two much smoke

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    A while back I smoked a brisket and it came out like leather. Ended up in the garbage. I did not brine it first and it cooked for about 8 hours in the smoker. Temperature was around 200 with a electric smoker.

    My wife now informs me that there is another half to the brisket that we did not cook.

    Should I waste my time cooking it or throw it out? Also if I should cook it is there a way to give me a better chance that it will be tender.
  2. fatback joe

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    Biggest piece of advice I can give you based on what you posted is to up the cook temp. 200 is too low.......closer to dehydrating than cooking when you get taht low IMO
  3. biggiesize

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    more heat(225-250) more time(1.5 hours per pound) this does'nt include stall time. I did a 8# flat last weekend and it took 14.5 hrs. check internal temp. DONT THROW OUT THE MEAT.try again and be one with the smoke.
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  5. jminion

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    The brisket was not done, first bump the pit temp up to 225 to 235 range and cook the brisket based on internal temp and feel. You need an internal of 190 plus. Slide the temp probe into the flat, it should feel like you are sliding it into warm butter.

    It sounds like you may have the point left to cook, it has more internal fat than the flat did, I would cook it to an internal of 200 to 205.

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