Brisket, Chicken, Ribs - what kind of smoker to get?

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    Hi all!  We are looking at getting our first vertical smoker.  Right now all we pretty much BBQ is brisket, chicken, ribs and sausage (store bought).  My husband is looking at electric smokers, and from reading here it will probably be the Masterbuilt 30", atleast until we see how good we are at it.  But then I wonder is electric the best kind of smoker considering what we will be making or would another type be better?

    I say we are new to smoking but my husband does use pits that have the fire box. After reading here it seems that is also "smoking"??
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  2. Welcome! I cant speak for masterbuilt smokers, as i have never owned one, but a LOT of people on here have them. I have an electric and a gravity feed. I love using them both, but each has it's benefits. For small, quick smokes, like after work during the week, I tend to lean more towards my electric due to time. As far as which is the BEST type of smoker, well, that has been the subject of MANY enthusiastic debates. A lot of people have started with an electric. Some stayed with them, and some moved to another type. If your husband already uses pit with a firebox, and enjoys it, that may be the way to go. If he would prefer a little less effort in maintaining temps and such, an electric is a viable choice. Just give it a shot, and do what you enjoy. I am sure others will chime in with more helpful info.

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    I think he IS looking to electric due to wanting something quicker/easier sometimes. Thank you!

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