Brisket, butts and fatties. Throwdown for work last friday! Q-view

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    Just wanted to share a few pics of the throwdown I made for work yesterday. This is the most I people I have cooked for (25). Everyone enjoyed it and walked away stuffed. It made all the work worth it seeing the smiles and hearing all the thank you's from everyone. My boss was especially pleased and kept piling meat on his plate time after time. I had one butt that would not come up to temp, after 6 hrs it had only reached 129 degrees and after 12 hrs it was only at 162. I didn't serve it and there was still enough to eat so the end result was fine. This was my first time doing a whole brisket and I was nervous that it would be tough. I was wrong, it was so tender that I could not slice it and had to turn it into pulled/chopped. Thanks again to all the fine people here that give us all the tips to make any feast a great success.

    And now the Q view..........................

    14lb brisket

    BBQ sauce heated by the firebox

    The butts. The one on the left is the one that wouldn't cook.

    The fatties, to my surprise the one with hot sausage and jalapenos went first.

    The finished product, I was so busy that I almost forgot to get a picture.
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    Looks great! Sounds likes your coworkers ate good!

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    Looks good and happy co-workers make it even better!


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