Bactoferm F-RM 52 use recommendation from The Sausage Maker

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    I had emailed the contact for cultures at The Sausage Maker regarding their directions for Bactoferm F-RM 52 usage and received this reply:

    "I have come across this question before and purchased the Charcuterie book to be sure this is really what is noted and sure enough, 20g of F-RM-52 is in their recipe for 5lbs of sopressata, maybe thats the one you are referring to. While too much is not harmful because once the sugars are used up or when drying begins (lowering Aw), the lactic acid bacteria will start dying off. The amount they are asking for is pretty high, nearly an entire packet for 5lbs instead of 220lbs... In the book, on page 179, it says to use a minimum of 1/4 of the packet for small batches. "Small batches" is not defined but, I can't imagine that is considered less than 10 pounds at maximum... for most sausage makers, saying small batch would be around there. For some reason that 1/4 of packet does sound familiar but, it was something like if you are making 20-25lbs. I have found the book by Marianski... much more information PACKED on specifics for each culture, what the different bacteria do and at what temperature...etc. It has oodles more information directly from the manufacturer of the bacteria, Chr. Hansen. The author went to great lengths to write to hobbyists a topic that is very involved in meat science, he did a wonderful job...ANYWAY.. I mention the book to you because no matter what question I get about cultures from people, I refer his book over any other, including Charcuterie. His recipes call for 0.6grams or 1/4 tsp per 10lbs for TSPX and 1.25grams or 1/2 tsp per 10 for F-LC. F-RM-52 is not used in his recipes but, it would be in this same range. We suggest using 1/2 tsp per 10 lbs (diluted in Distilled water), but you can do 1tsp, 2 tsps if you wish. If you get the same result though, why not save some cash. Hope this helps"

    Hate to sound too fanatic about this topic but the discrepancy between Charcuterie's recommendation and the manufacturer is just off the charts. Why advise home cooks to such an excessive usage, and to spend, at a minimum, 400% more on the culture than they need to.

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