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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by kevin13, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. kevin13

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    What's the best way to smoke bacon that's been cured, but already sliced? I went in on a hog and had the bacon cured and sliced not knowing that it still had to be smoked. Now that I have purchased a smoker, I'd like to smoke the bacon as not to waste it. I want to smoke it enough to impart a nice hickory flavor but not throughly cook it as I want to still be able to fry it. Any info on the best technique, duration, and temps are greatly appreciated.

  2. salmonclubber

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    preheat your smoker to 120 degrees get the smoke rolling put the sliced meat in the smoker for an hour or two at this temp pull out a slice every half hour cut off a small chunk fry and when the desired smokey taste is reached pull the rest of the meat out of the smoker
  3. kevin13

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    Huey...thanks for the info, much appreciated. I'll give this a shot this weekend and will report back.

    - Kevin
  4. dacdots

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    Salmon is right on with the temp.When I do bacons I smoke them about 16 hours and this gives a good smoke flavor.Dont let the bacon get over 127 degrees,as this will compromise the keeping ability,if you plan on keeping it for some time.After you are done smoking you can freeze the bacon for later and it stays very good.I still have frozen bacon from last fall.

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