Bacon Coffin!

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    Bacon coffin can be yours for $2,999.99

    By Mike Krumboltz  | The Upshot  – 11 hrs ago


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    Maybe you can take it with you. With the new bacon coffin, you'll spend eternity with your favorite cured meat. What could be better?

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    Though not literally made from bacon, the bacon coffin is painted to look as if it is covered in savory strips. An article from Seattle's  reports that local company J&D's Foods created the casket. This isn't the first time the company has found inspiration in bacon. J&D is also responsible for unleashing Bacon Salt and Baconnaise on the world.

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    A bacon coffin doesn't come cheap -- $2,999.99 plus shipping. But the interior does come with a bacon memorial tube and a bacon-themed air freshener. So you'll have that going for you ... which is nice.
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    [​IMG]    Now that's odd
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    I think the entire concept of spending several Thousand Dollars on a Box to be buried in the ground is Crazy! It hardly matters to the deceased if they are laying on Hand Woven Thai Silk or Broke Glass! My family knows I want to be Cremated in a Pine Box...But now that you mention it...Wrapping my head in Bacon like a Giant Fattie might be fun for S#!T's and Giggles...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Everything goes better with bacon...

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