Article on Types of Smokers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rabbithutch, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Has anyone who knows about them ever done an article here about the different types of smokers, their pros and cons and what to look for and look out for?

    There is a wealth of knowledge in the members here (other than me who has a little bit of information but no real information at all). I wish some of them would undertake writing an article about the various types of smokers and explain what some of the terms mean, for example, upright versus horizontal; horizontal offset versus horizontal reverse flow, et al. I don't mean to start a thread that addresses 'best brands' or 'best builds', just something that will educate us.

    Perhaps this has already been done, but I didn't find it. The foo is weak in my today.
  2. Hello.  gary s.  has written something like that.  I have recently lost ALL my favs. ( don't you just LOVE computers ).  PM Gary and he can tell you where to find it.  I am sure he would elaborate more in the article if you point out things you would like to know more about.  Keep Smokin!


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