Apple Sausage Bombs

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  1. I saw a recipe for sausage stuffed apples a few weeks back.  I thought the only thing that could make them better was to smoke 'em!

    Started with:

    - 2 dozen apples from the local orchard

    - 1 pound jimmy dean breakfast sausage

    - 2 pounds ground chicken

    - 1 minced onion

    - 1 tsp salt

    - 1 tsp black pepper

    - 1 tsp fennel seeds

    - 1 tsp ground sage

    - 1 tsp paprika

    - 1 tbsp. butter

    - 1 tbsp. olive oil

    - 1 cup maple syrup

    - 2 tbsp. butter

    Sautéed the onions and browned the sausage / chicken mixed together with the spices, butter and olive oil listed above.

    Drained the fat but reserved for later (coating the outside of the apples)

    Cored out the apples but left the bottom in-tact to make a bowl shape and stuffed with cooked sausage.

    Topped each apple with a portion of butter / maple syrup.  About a cup of maple syrup for 24 apples.

    Used the reserved drippings to paint the outside of the apples before smoking.

    Fired up the MES30 to about 240, stuck them in with a healthy dose of cherry wood for 90 minutes.  They went over pretty well at the fall themed bbq we attended.

    Next time I would split the chicken and sausage mix 50/50.  I had a ton of meat left over after filling the apples....but that went quick on Sunday morning!  [​IMG]

    Happy Smokin',

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    I have never seen that before. It sure looks good. 

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