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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by wiredbob, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Hello my name is Robert and I smoke meat.  I have been reading this forum for a while and find the information very useful.  I use a Char-Broil that I have been modifying. With this introduction I have a question.  I smoked two butts yesterday and found something unexpected while cleaning the smoker.  I lowered the wood box until it is about an inch and half above the burner.  When I emptied the wood box I found it covered on the bottom and sides covered with soot.  My question is this normal if the box is to close to the burner or is this an indicator that there is a problem with the burner.  Thanks in advance Robert.
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    Hello Robert.  Admitting your addiction is the first step to doing it more. 

    If your using a burner, what kind of flame are you getting.  A lot of yellow flame will put out a lot of soot.  Adjust the burner to get more of a blue flame.
  3. Welcome to SMF Robert!! You have come to the right place for information. Though I am not familiar with you setup, someone should be along shortly to help with your question. By the way, what part of the world are you from??
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    Welcome to the SMF family Bob. What is your fuel source for your Char-griller? Charcoal won't leave any residue but propane will. If you're using propane, you should have long blue flames with orange tips. If you have a short blue flame with long orange flames at the top, you will need to adjust you air mix-there should be a wheel on the venturi that you can open or close. If you adjust the intake and nothing changes, then check your burner for spider webs.
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    Hello Bob, and welcome to the SMF. I see that Dutch has given you some good advise. It's all good my friend.
  6. It's a vertical propane model.  I took the burner section apart last night.  The burner was clear of rust and debris.  I tried moving the gas nozzle all around the burner entrance with no change to the flame (blue at base with longer yellow). I believe the problem is with the burner design.  Where most burners have a shutters to adjust the air.  This one only has small holes at the end of the tube. I think I will bore the small holes in the original a size or two larger and retry.  The worst thing that could happen would be boring the holes to large and I have a plan for that.  A hose clamp to cover some of the holes will allow for adjustment.  I think I'm on the right path to solve this problem now. I will update as I continue.  

    Thanks for the help

    My name is Robert and I smoke meat.
  7. Welcome Robert and yes you are on the right track. You are starving the burner of oxygen. Drilling the holes out larger shold do the trick. Propane needs a good oxygen supply or it will burn dirty. Let us know how it turns out
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  9. Follow up on burner.  Last night I drilled the holes in burner and now have longer blue flame with yellow tips. I checked the results as I increased the diameter of the holes.  After the last round of drilling there was no increase in blue flame so I stopped drilling.  Thanks for the advice.  My name is Robert and I smoke meat.  (will be when I get this back together)

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