A question about GOSM terminology.

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by fat sal, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. fat sal

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    Hi, all:

    I have a question about GOSM terminology:

    - Walmart sells a "small" GOSM that's 34" tall and 16" wide.
    - Walmart also sells a 20" wide version. They call this the "Wide Body."
    - Then...I've seen pictures of a shorter-yet-squatier GOSM that Walmart doesn't sell. I'm told that this one is 24" wide.
    - Then...I've seen pictures of stainless steel versions of the squatier one.

    So...when someone talks about a "GOSM Big Block," are they referring to the 24" wide model only? Or is "Big Block" a catch-all term for the entire GOSM line, since these babies all seem capable of holding a good stash of pig parts?

    Sal (proud owner of the "wide body"...and no, I'm not talking about my girlfriend)
  2. monty

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    Howdy and welcome to the SMF!

    My GOSM Gasser Big Block is 24" wide and 34" tall, not including the legs.

    The stainless units, while much more expensive are double walled and thereby better for heat control.

    My "Big Block" will certainly hold a bunch of pork! It has four racks and they are adjustable for the product height.

    Hope this helps!

  3. fat sal

    fat sal Fire Starter

    Thanks, Señor Monty. I guess, then, that "Big Block" only refers to the 24" wide model. Just wanted to be sure I was using the right terminology. I'll be sure to refer to mines as "the wide body."

    Being a member of the GOSM clan has responsibilities as well as privledges.

  4. monty

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    Bienvenidos (sp), mi Amigo!

    Yes, the "Big Block" is the 24" wide model. Always happy to help when I can. If you have any more GOSM specific questions fire away! If I can't help there are many others who can!

    Bueno Fumar! (I think, been a while!)


  5. I didnt realize that there were three different sizes of the GOSM basic black model.

    I was in Bass Pro on Friday and found the small one like I have from Walmart. It was priced at $129.

    Then there was a "Deluxe" model that was several inches taller maybe a couple of inches wider and deeper for $159.

    Then there was the real wide one... must be the 24" Big Block that I have heard about. This one had five shelves in it and was priced at $199. I hate that I ever saw it because now I'm gona have to have one! [​IMG]

    Bass Pro had more different makes of smokers than anywhere that I have ever seen in one store. They had a lot of different electric smokers too.

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