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  1. I have a trimmed 5lb brisket.

    Using a charbroil horizontal smoker w/ new hardwood briquets & hickory wood chips & chunks.

    Brisket sat in a rub over-night.

    I need info on cooking time & temp @ 225 to 250'

    2 weeks ago, I did a 6lb'er for 7 hours, internal temp went to 190, and the top was great, the bottom was dry.

    I have plenty of iced tea & beer to see me through whatever time it takes.

    Also need info on using the "Texas Crutch" method 


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  2. I need info on cooking time & temp @ 225 to 250': I'd plan 2 hrs/lb but it may be done sooner or later.  Go with a probe test for tenderness somewhere around 190* internal.

    2 weeks ago, I did a 6lb'er for 7 hours, internal temp went to 190, and the top was great, the bottom was dry.:  Did you do fat up or down?  The fat cap can protect a brisket - I'd go down on your style cooker with the thicken part towards the fire.

    I have plenty of iced tea & beer to see me through whatever time it takes.: sounds like you're ready.

    Also need info on using the "Texas Crutch" method: when you hit the stall and the bark is set, wrap in foil or butcher paper.  Some folks add stuff like apple juice, beef broth, etc. 
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    I think you've got your timing down , as far as the crutch , (foil) I think the rule is , when the meat hits 170 internal , you wrap it in foil then take it to 195 to 205. I am not an expert and my smoker is a WSM , but from what I read this works on all models. As far as drying out the bottom maybe you need to flip that brisky half way thru the smoke....:grilling_smilie:
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    Hi laggin.

    Bama's advice is spot on.  Good luck, and remember we love Qview!

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    All good advice. The answer to your last question is, Foil at 150-170*F and cook to 190-195*F. You can then start poking with a toothpick or instant read therm. These should penetrate the meat with easy indicating tenderness. With the small chamber being so close to the fire box I would flip the meat every 2-3 h ours as well. Be aware that what you are buying are Trimmed Brisket Flats. These are the Leaner part of the brisket and quite small, <6Lbs. They are Notorious for being Dry so a 1/4C of your fav liquid in the foil will help. This liquid can be Cola, Coffee, Beer or Beef Broth. You may also give the Recipe below a shot. Makes a great meat Dip or can be thickened for Gravy. Good luck...JJ

    Smokey Au Jus

    1- Lg Onion,

    4-5 Carrots,

    3-4 Ribs Celery

    3-4 Peeled Cloves of Garlic

    Toss them in a pan under the Beef, and let the whole deal Smoke for one hour,

    THEN add 4-6 Cups Beef Broth,

    2 Tbs Tomato Paste,

    1/2tsp Dry Thyme (4-5 sprigs Fresh)

    1-2 ea Bayleaf

    Finish the Smoking process to the IT you want. 

    While the Roast is resting, dump the pan juices veggies and all into a 2-3Qt Sauce pot and add 1Cup Red Wine, something you like to drink, and bring the Jus to a boil, lower the heat and simmer 20-30 minutes. Strain out the veggies and let the Jus rest a minute or so for the Fat to rise. Skim off the bulk of the fat then using strips of paper towel laid on top of the Jus then quickly removed, take off the last little bit of fat.

    The purpose of Smoking the Vegetable for 1 hour before adding the Broth and Herbs is...The Smoked vegetables Roast in the Dry heat concentrating their Flavors and Sweetness giving the finished Jus a Richer, Deeper, Full Flavor.

    Serve the sliced Beef Au Jus or thicken the Jus to make Gravy.

    NOTE: If you are using this recipe with Brisket, additional Water will have to be added periodically to maintain the proper volume. Do not add more Broth as repeated addition and reduction will make the Au Jus too salty..
  8. Got it, I referred to the Crutch method only because of eating time. It went on when I posted this (as per the pics)

    I also made a heat deflector to keep the flames from going directly in the main box.

    A better question I have is;

    When or at what point do I go from hero to zero as far as it being moist or dry?
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  9. Also, if it's too dry, it's not a total loss.  A little sauce or gravy can moisten it.  Making chili is also good idea.  ...but I believe it won't be dry using the techniques described above.
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    With the foiling you're powering it through the stall by braising it. The liquid in the foil (beef broth) is your braising liquid and will keep it most. Hope that helps. Keith
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    I have used some foiling juice that some of the Comp folks have done.  Use a mixture of Dr. Pepper (reg--not diet) and Beef Consume'

    Love the taste of the "broth" that it makes with the drippings added in too.

    Good luck today!


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