500 gallon tank build

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  1. Here are some pictures from my resent build using a 500 gallon propane tank for the CC. I built this outside because I do not have a big shop. I bought a acetylene torch off Craigslist and bought a cheap welder at harbor freight. I also found a cheap trailer on Craigslist. I tried to use what I could to get this built without going to the bank for a loan.

    Here is the 500 gallon propane tank. My neighbor farmer brought his tractor over and unloaded it off the trailer. I cut some RR ties and set it on them.
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  2. I filled the tank with with water and dish soap then made some cuts with my angle grinder.

    A friend found a 250 gallon tank at an auction and I told him to buy it. I cut the 250 gallon tank in half to use for the fire box.
    I am going to build this smoker Franklin style.
  3. Next I cut the doors and put the hinges on the CC doors. I wanted two doors that will open to make enough room to easily fit a hole hog.

  4. Here is the $100 110 fluxcore welder I picked up at harbor freight. The welder worked pretty good for the money. The main thing is getting good flux core wire.

    My dad gave me some channel to use for the grate guides and some pipe for the hinges on the doors.
  5. I got some free 1 1/2 square tubing that I used for the grate frames.

  6. Please pardon the build……… my neighbor calls and said can you help clean this small pig I have that has a bad hip then we can cook it. It's hard to say no to that. Yes those are 2 sticks of butter. I smoked the little piggy on my small offset.

    Now for the fire box.

    I got a piece of 1/4 flat rolled to insulate the fire box. I also got some rings made to keep the rolled 24" piece centered in the fire box. I cut the end off the fire box so I could weld everything together and so I would have a lighter piece to work with when making the hole to join the two ranks together. I like to call it the wedding!!
    Cutting this hole is a little tricky

    Now it's time for the wedding. The old 8N and round bale spear helped with the wedding ceremony.

  7. Now for the stack.
    I got a 24" piece of 8" pipe to use. I know this isn't long enough. I wanted it to not be sticking up really high if I try to move it into my low garage. So to get the right height on the stack I can slide a piece of 8" stove pipe down inside the pipe welded to the CC. This also makes it nice to find the height needed for a good draft.

    Next I made the fire box door.
    At this point I am really wanting to get some smoke rolling. I welded a piece of 1/4" plate on the end of the fire box before the wedding. I found this old wheel was the perfect diameter for the door. It is nice having a guide when free hand cutting with an acetylene torch. I found a lot of "guides" around the house while doing this build.

    Trimmed the door and added a damper.

    Now for a test fire. My freind gave me some grates out of his outdoor wood burner that burnt out. I found a good use for propane. It's good to use with a weed burner to start a fire in your smoker!!
    Hot dogs anyone? We were hungry.

    The smoke rolled beautifully.
  8. Added a water pan. I made a frame and used an old roasting pan my wife was going to trash.

    If your wondering where the water is coming from I rigged up some fittings so it can be filled from outside the tank while smoking.

    My friend brought over his pressure washer and washed the inside of the CC out then we got a nice hot fire going in the fire box and we melted a bucket of lard and brushed it on. It worked good.

    The smoke is rolling very nice I think. It is amazing all the more wood it takes to make the smoker work. I thought it would take a lot more wood than it does.

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    Now that's a smoker,nice build!Thumbs Up
  10. Let me know what I messed up on and what you all think of this build. I might get it painted some day. I have it temporarily mounted on this trailer right now. If I deside I want it mobile I will have to do some more work because it is almost to much weight for this trailer.

    Please let me know if anyone has any questions.
  11. Thank you b-one.
  12. First cook was some sausage to snack on.
    Then I did 10 racks of ribs for the 4th

    Then I filled up the CC with 43 pork butts and a brisket. The brisket was to "snack" on and the pork was for a fundraiser meal. We fed around 450 people and had leftovers to sale.

    And here are a couple more cooks. Beef ribs more butts and pork ribs.

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    Great job!

    That's one heck of a smoker!

  14. Thanks Al.
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    Great build.!   I love the spout to refill the water.

    A client contacted me and wants 2 x 500gallon cookers on a trailer so you maybe seeing some more 500 gallon pics soon.
  16. Thanks Ahumadra.
    I look forward to seeing your build pictures.
  17. Nice Build!! Just had a 320 and 500 gallon tank dropped off at my shop today, Now to decide which one to build first!1

  18. Sounds like a fun decision to have to make.
    You could always use part of the smaller tank for a firebox on the big tank.
  19. I have a bunch of 30by44 120 gallon tanks, I can use one for the 320 as the right size, I also have a dozen 24by30 50 gallon tanks which would work on a 120 for a firebox, I also use the 50s for patio smokers, If anyone needs Propane tanks I have plenty of 120 and 50 gallon tanks,plus another 500.

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    That's a lot of meat you got on there dang! Nice job!!

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