3 Boston Butts with Q-View Running Commentary

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  1. Good Evening - For those of you who read my post a couple of weeks ago you will know this is only my 2nd time smoking a Boston Butt.  Since it is my 2nd time I decided I would smoke 3 of them! My neighborhood Publix had Boston Butt on sale for $2.49 lb. this week.  Since they were all small (between 5 & 6 lbs. each) I purchased three of them.  I will be keeping two of them for my family and one of them is for my parents.  

    I am trying out two different rubs as I haven't purchased the recipe for Jeff;s rub or sauce yet but will be doing so in the near future.  The rub I used last time was Rub a But and I coated one of the Butts with it.  The other two were coated with a rub called Everglades Rub.  I put a generous amount of rub on the meat last night around 9:30pm. Then I wrapped each Boston Butt individually in cling wrap and placed them in the fridge so the rub could have plenty of time to permeate the meat.  

    After a long but very enjoyable day I fired up my smoker about 9:00PM and began to get ready for my second Boston Butt.  I took the meat out of the fridge and unwrapped them about 9:15PM as I was waiting for my smoker to reach 220 - 225.  Once the smoker hit 220 I placed all 3 of the Boston Butts inside the smoker which was around 10:00PM.  I'm using Hickory wood chips for this smoke which is what I used last time also.  Below is a pic of the rubs used and what the pork looked like before going into the smoker.  I certainly welcome any and all feedback and happy smoking to everyone out there! 




  2. This is what the pork looked like after it had been in the smoker for a few minutes.  Right after this photo was taken I added about 1 1/2 cups of apple juice to the drip pan.  

    After my first time smoking a Boston Butt which was Super Bowl Sunday I picked up a few toys to help me out with my backyard BBQ.  I grabbed a Food Saver so I could freeze the meat if there is any left over as well as a pair of Ekogrips to make handling the meat easy.  I also got a Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Seasoning Injector although I'm yet to take it out of its original packaging
  3. This is what the Pork looks like 3 hours in:

  4. I just pulled all 3 of the Boston Butt off of the smoker as their IT had reached 165.  I placed 2 of them in a foil pan with a few ounce of Apple juice and covered with foil.  I put the 3rd Butt in another pan but didn't have much foil left and had to run get some more from the store; DOH!!! Before running to my neighborhood market I put the pan with the 2 Butts in it back in the smoker.  After grabbing some foil I wrapped the last Butt and placed it in the smoker.  

    Here's where I am really wanting some advice.  It appears the IT of the 3rd Butt (which was uncovered for 20-30 mins) is now only 147.8  I didn't check the IT of this Butt before pulling it off of the smoker initially I just assumed the IT would be very close to the other two.  Could the Butt have cooled off that much in a 20 minute period?  Thoughts on what I should do if anything?  

    The first 2 pics of the Butts inside the foil pan are the ones where the IT is reading 170.  The Butt on the foil is the one reading 147.8  Thoughts or suggestions?  I have the temp on my smoker set at 230 now.

  5. b-one

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    Nice looking smoke you have going! I don't foil until it's time to rest personally. Try it one time to see what you like better. I would just keep cooking them until you reach your desired IT if one takes a little longer it takes a little longer. If you want/have to you can turn the temp up to finish off your third butt if needed, I usally crank my temp up the last hour or so on my butts. Keep the tasty looking pics coming.:drool
  6. Thanks B-one! I certainly appreciate the advice.  Being a rookie I was concerned I might have messed the last one up.  Next time I will try your suggestion about foiling later in the process.  Folks like you who are willing to lend their knowledge to someone like myself is why I love this forum!  Thanks again!
  7. [​IMG]  WOW! That is some fine looking butts. I am a no foil at all kinda guy.

    Happy smoken.

  8. driedstick

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    no foil here either, yours looks great!!! I like a heavy bark and so the last time I mixed 3-1 apple juice and Captain morgans rum and spritz every hr AFTER hitting It of 140 all the way up to 205 the apple juice and rum carmelize and give is a great Bark, lots of folks don't like spritzing but my last butt came out great, just something you may want to try

    Good luck

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  9. I just pulled the Pork out of the smoker at 4:15PM.  It looks delicious.  Here are a couple of pics for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment!  I'm about to pull it and will post a few more.

  10. beefy bill

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    I did 3 at once one time. 2 8 pounders and a 6 pounder. The smallest took the longest, and all 3 were handled the exact same way. I just let it go till it was done. Pork butts are very forgicing..they look great so far!
  11. Will you pull it in the juice or put in in a new container?  
  12. aceoky

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    I'm also a no foil until the resting , those look great!!
  13. bigd3077

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    Looks awesome!
  14. sota d

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    Those look great! I've only done small butts in my MES, but I see now that it can handle bigger pieces of meat. Was always worried about it taking too long, but starting it the night before makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing your smoke, David.
  15. When I smoke a butt if I have time I don't foil but if I don't I will foil. Foiling is a personal choice. Foiling speeds up the process  and softens the bark. The picture of the one with a split fat cap is nice. All in all you did well. That's just my humble opinion.  Jted
  16. bigd3077

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    Not to hijack this thread, but about how much cooking time is added when not foiling? I'm planing on doing a butt or two this weekend, and the last but I foiled and it took 11 hours. I wanted to try the no foil method this time to see what I like better.
  17. It does take a little longer   But don't worry about the time just check the IT

  18. plume-o-smoke

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    I'm not sure I'd say not foiling adds "a little" time to your cook. My last butt (8 lbs) took 19 hours to get to 203 IT w/o foil (225F, 260F last hour). Foiling, as I understand it, helps you avoid 'the stall,' which is caused by evaporation from the meat and can last hours and hours. (Google Understanding The Barbecue Stall and take the first link). It seems difficult to say how long the stall lasts for me, it seems highly variable from shoulder to shoulder and cooking temperature. Maybe it is fair to say foil will get you predictability of cooking time, since it avoids that highly uncertain stall phenomenon.

    Those roasts look fan-freaking-tastic BTW.
  19. How are they coming along ??

  20. Seeing that all meat is different I think That Gary's  advice is great. I figure about 30 min per lb but that depends on the weight thickness and cut. allow extra time and if you get done early just let it rest a little longer. I always allow at least 1.5 or more hours to rest. Jted

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