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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tendriver, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. tendriver

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    Since the first brisket didn't come out so well, I decided to try again today.

    We had some good weather for sitting outside with a few beers. Hit almost 70 today with clear skies.

    This time I went for a bigger cut. Almost 14 lbs this go 'round. Started the process last night with my dry rub, Archies, and W sauce. I also poked and prodded the brisket this time to help tenderize it.

    Lit off the box about 9 am, and had 220 deg within an hour. Smoked it heavy for the first hour, then off and on until about 6 pm. Finally pulled it off just before 11.

    My wife is pregnant with our first, and with her urge to try it, she made me cut a small piece before I really wanted to touch it.

    She's not much of a beef eater, but after one bite she directed me back to the kitchen to build her two sandwiches. This has got to be the most tender piece of meat I've ever tasted. I'm not real pleased with the flavor. Seems like I didn't smoke heavy enough for my taste, and not enough rub on it. She likes it though, and the crusty pieces from the outsides have just enough flavor to make me smile.

    I was going to get some pics while this was going on, but my camera was in the shop, and the wife wasn't in the mood to let me borrow hers. I definitely wasn't going to argue with her.....

    Anyway, I got some good tips from here on how to make it happen. Took yall's advice and things came out great!
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    glad to hear the wife is happy,however between the lines I see you want more practice-play with the rubs and we also slather with yellow musturd before rubs makes it stick better-sound like this 1 turned out OK. maybe pulled pork next time, or ribs,or yard bird.or?? you done good
  3. fishawn

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    Sounds like you are on the right track.......KEEPING THE WIFE HAPPY!
    If you got a finished Brisket that is moist & tender, I think you have about 1/2 of it figured out. If the flavor is not to your liking, then it may be the "RUB" you are using, or the "Wood" chips used in the smoking process.

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