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  1. I've not posted in quite some time but figured now is as good a time as any to start posting again!  Starting late tonight or early tomorrow morning I'll be lighting up my WSM for a catering job I have.  I will be starting with 5, 9-10 pound pork shoulders and then on Saturday my Brother-in-law and I will be smoking approximately 150 pieces of chicken! I will of course have lots of pics!!!  Any last minute advice is always appreciated!  Also I usually trim the skin off of my shoulders does anyone recommend not doing that and why?

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    [​IMG], I'll be waiting...[​IMG]
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     no suggestions but good luck and have fun.I'll be salivating over your pictures.[​IMG]  
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  5. Good Luck and have a blast.

  6. Good morning!
  7. Can't Wait  to see this one as it goes

  8. Sorry for all the separate posts guys my phone wouldnt let me put those pics up together... So I'm thinkin its gonna be a pretty late night I overslept a little bit and didn't get these monsters on until right about 9:30. I dont need to serve them until tomorrow anyways so I'm in good shape!

  9. Had to make some adjustments so why not take some more pics... 3 and 1 / 2 hrs in IT is around 140
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    Looking tasty!
  11. Looking good

  12. 160* time to wrap
  13. Looking better and better  

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    160° time to, Drink a Beer!!! Looking tasty! NO wrap for me, I like the Bark!
  15. time to start the defrost for round 2!
    This is all for a catering job I'm afraid if I let it get too dark ppl will complain its burned.

  16. Tray number 1!

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