2 Briskets on the WSM and my first Q-View

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jaysmith, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. I have been haunting this forum for years now, and have taken many pictures to start a Q-View. Alas, I usually get so busy at the end of the smoke i don't get any pics of the final product before it is gone.

    That changes today!

    The warden and I decided to do a brisket this weekend, as it is her favorite. I first picked up a select 9.7 lb select packer from Wally-World, but then I found another 10 lb Angus choice one the next day (at twice the price). But I figured "Hey, it takes as long to smoke one as two."

    I started yesterday at about 2pm. Trimmed them up, added a bit of OVOO and some worcestershire and ten hit them with some rub (new recipe). I found if I lined the counter under my board with cling wrap, It made things much easier to transfer to the wrap.

    Wrapped and ready for a day in the chill chest

    At about 11pm I started the 18.5" WSM using Kingsford blue and a combination of Oak and Hickory. Cut up some onion, celery, carrot, and added some garlic clove to a pan, added a modified bradley rack so the brisket wouldn't sit directly in the juices and allow some smoke to get underneath.

    Ready to hit the smoke! The select is in the pan, and the angus will sit on the top rack to baste the lower one.

    Smoker is at 235. Added a wire rack with some seasoned fat from the trimming to allow it to render out an baste the top one, which bastes the bottom one, which adds the magic Jus! It's a smoked meat eco-system!

    Let everything smoke/roast for about an hour, then added bay leaf, thyme, and beef broth to the veggies. It's 2am at this point. Time to get some shut eye and let the WSM do it's thing.


    Back up at 8am. Temp is holdin steady at 225.

    About 9am IT hits 160-165, so it's time to wrap. I'm trying using butcher paper for the first time. Usually I don't wrap at all, but I have people coming over to eat around 2pm, and I don't have the time to wait the extra couple of hours naked may take

    This is the Angus.

    ...and the select prior to wrapping.

    Both back on the smoker. Water added to the veggies and Jus

    More to come (if I don't forget to take the pics.)

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    Looking great so far!:drool
  4. Part 2:

    Briskets off the smoke at 199 and resting for a couples of hours in a cooler tucked in with some blankets. The select I separated the point from the flat and cubed up the point, tossed with some more rub, and back on the smoke. After another hour or so I tossed the burnt ends in some sauce and another bit on the smoke to caramelize them a bit more.Once they were done, it was time to carve.

    This is the select sliced and the burnt ends. The brisket had good flavor, but was a bit dry and had some tug. It definitely need a dose of the Jus.  The burnt ends were really good.

    ...and then there was the Angus...

    Moist and tender, just carved into slices. you could hang a piece and it held together but pulled apart with the slightest pressure. Probably the best brisket I have ever done. and, oh so delicious!

    Gratuitous plate shot!

    So, the choice is definitely the choice to go with. the remains of the select will definitely find their way into some beans in the future. the butcher paper worked great. Ignoring the select brisket, I really happy with how today's smoke went. all of my guests were really happy with the outcome.

    Thanks to all of you for your advise and recommendation gleaned through countless forum posts. Already looking forward to my next cook.
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    Both briskeys looks excellent. Nice batch of burnt ends too, Points for sure!

    Great Q-View
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    Great job on the briskets, I bet your guests were impressed. That is some good eats!

    "The warden", ... LMAO!

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    Nice job on the briskets!

    The Angus looks really juicy!


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    My question is there any left? If so ill be right over. It looks phenomenal.
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    Wow they look great. :drool:. :points:
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    Newbie here ! 2 smokes so far. One pork one chicken. Tastes great but burned looking !
    Help !
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    Great looking brisket and burnt ends! Great job!!
  12. Newbie here

    What is “OVOO”  and is  “Worcestershire” a sauce or maybe powder?


    “I found if I lined the counter under my board with cling wrap, It made things much easier to transfer to the wrap”.   Maybe I’m missing something here. I’d think the wrap would go on top to catch and retain the seasonings inside with the brisket. As said, I am newbie trying to learn.


    “I started the 18.5" WSM   ??  


    “This is the select sliced and the burnt ends”.   Burnt ends??



    Anxious to learn


    David Dunlap
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    -EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    -Worcestershire Is a steak sauce normally found near salad dressing sauces at grocery stores.
    -for the wrap, I think he meant when saran wrap was placed on counter it would catch excess rub and he could just slide brisket over and wrap up instead of wrapping brisket from top down.
    -WSM=webber smokey mountain. It's a bullet shaped smoker reliable and popular. 18.5 is the size.
    -"Burnt ends are flavorful pieces of meat cut from the point half of a smoked brisket. A traditional part of Kansas City barbecue, burnt ends are considered a delicacy in barbecue cooking."-

    It can be confusing at first Dave, but it gets easier!
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    Jay....Awesome job! Wow!
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    bauchjw is right on everything.  Also I believe the OP is putting the plastic wrap under the cutting board for two reasons.  1) Allows easy transfer to the wrapping of the brisket and keeps the excess seasonings (Great idea and I'll be using it in the future). 2) If he was trimming the brisket on the cutting board, then leaving the plastic wrap under the cutting board would make it less likely to accidentally cut the plastic wrap when trimming the brisket.
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    Has anyone vacuum packet the brisket, and how wow it lats?

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    Nice job with the brisket!! Thumbs Up
  18. bauchjw

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    Do you mean after its cooked?
  19. cheapchalee

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    Yes, after it's smoked and sliced.  I know some restaurants do it, then warm it up under a damp cloth to make sure is has moisture in it.

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    What a terrific post and qview!


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