1st chuck roasts

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  1. Put them on the smoker at 8:00 AM.  Plan to smoke at 230 degrees until IT of 200 - 205.  Used 1 part of my homemade rub and 1 part black pepper as a dry rub.  They are about 2 in thick and around 2.5 - 3 lbs each.  

    Does anyone have an idea of how long that might take?  More Q view to follow...

  2. About 2 hours in I laid a couple pieces of bacon on them to help keep them from drying out.

    This picture is 3.5 hours in.  IT was 160-170.

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    Are you going to wrap them in foil? I would suggest taking them to 210º if you are wanting to pull them. They look like 7 Bone Chucks, a good one for pulling. Don't be afraid to add a little beef broth to the foil when and if you wrap them. Depending on thickness they can take anywhere from 4 to over 6 hours.

    I also tend to spritz them with a mixture of Apple Juice and Wiser's Deluxe.
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  4. I didn't really think about wrapping them in foil but they seem to be in the stall so that might be a good idea.  They have been going a little over 4 hours and seem to have been at the same temp for an hour.  Don't have any beef broth so I may but a little butter in there. Thanks for the advise!
  5. Just took them out of the smoker.  Total time was about 6.5 hours.  They were stuck at an IT temp of around 170 for over two hours.  Finally the temp started rising steady until it got to 198 and stayed there another 30 minutes.  I opened the smoker and put the probe in several places and it was like butter so I pulled it to rest.  Thanks Flash for the advise.  I will let you know how it turns out.

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    Those look good!

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    Nice lookin' cow parts! [​IMG]
  8. I turned out really good and for the most part was easy to pull.  One piece was hard to pull so I just sliced it.  Nice and tender and good smoky flavor.  Overall I am happy with my first try attempt.

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    That's that partial pull I was talking about in another post. There are 7 different Chucks out there. I prefer the underblade and 7 bone chucks for pulling.  210º seems to be the magic number, atleast in my smoker. Try a little higher next time and see if it helps. Good job.
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    Nice to see a 7 bone chuck roast.  Great Job!!!!! Reinhard
  11. Looks GREAT!

    Thanks for sharing


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