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Brining ribs

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Hi Everyone,


Still a newbie, but I'm learning a lot from all of you and I appreciate that. I've been reading a bit about how brining improves the taste of a lot of meats, but never heard mention of anyone brining babybacks. Not a good idea? If anyone has tried it, I'd like to know how it worked out, and any of your favorite recipes for brining pork ribs.



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I have tried brining BB's and spares, and all I can say is they ended up with a ham like texture. The flavor was good, but not the texture I wanted from ribs. You need to try it at least once, then you'll know if you want to repeat it again in the future. It's all good my friend.

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Thanks for the info, richoso1, I think I'll just stay with what worked in the past!

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I have tried brining ribs twice and they were ok. The reason I brined them in the first place was I baught a case of ribs from a buddie because he can get them cheap. Well they were cheap gross ribs. The first time I made them normally we could barely eat them. So the next two times I made them I tried brining them. The brine did take away most of the funky flavor but there was still a hint. These ribs seemed like they were frozen and thawed a few times and then slightly freezer burnt or something. The meat wasn't spoiled or anything but they had a bad flavor. Lets just say I was glad to finally use up the the last rack and I won't be buying those ribs again. Now I stick with fresh ribs from Sams Club or Walmart.

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In my opinon, ribs have enough fat so they "self baste" while cooking so you get all the tenderness and moistness without having to try and add any additional moisture.  Also, they have a small cross section, so you get the effect of your seasoning all the way through the product.  Unlike, say a butt which can be bland in the middle because the flavor of the rub can't penetrate that far into the meat. So , in short... brining isn't necessary for ribs. 

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