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Congratulations Mark !! Maybe I will get to meet you next spring in Fl.

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Keep up the good work. I just hit 3000 posts this week. You need to take about 3 years off and maybe I can catch up to you in posts. hahaha. No don't do that we always love getting your input.

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Wow, Congratulations Mark very impressive! I also want to say that you have a great sense of humor and have made me laugh many a time and I enjoy reading your posts.

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Congrats Mark.  Thanks for all of your help and encouragement.

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That's AWESOME!!! Congrats, and I look forward to your next 10k!

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Wow Mark That's a whole lot of typin!! Congrats and keep it up.


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Good thing Mark knows where each key is, I'm betting the letters are worn off of his keys!


Keep it up Buddy,


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Congratulations Mark, you have nothing but good advice and encouragement to give to the fellow members on this forum, to that we say THANK YOU and keep up the good work!!



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10,000 posts - that is a milestone - congrats!

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Mark, you have been a wealth of knowledge to us who work hard at this.  Some of us just wish we could be in a place that is sunny year round.  

:) and some of us just like the challenge of torrential rain year round. Great Job! Keep up the fine job and don't forget to take time to stretch those fingers so you can keep 




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Hey Mark --

You have been a great friend to me since I joined this forum. I appreciate the comments and encouragement you always provide to both the experienced and to us newbies

Thanks and congratulations

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I demand a recount LOL. Congrats Mark. Lots of post that you have done. You have helped many and provided Qview for us all to enjoy.



Congrats my friend.

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Hey Mark!

As of right now, only 9,896 to go for 20,000 !


Keep it up Buddy!




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Like Bear said you only need another 9000 posts to get to 20K LOL

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Wow! very impressive,

man Ive been here over 3 years and I don't hold a candle to you dude.


And think about it if 10% of the posts helped members... that would be 1,000 members Mark has nurtured.

Well done MARK

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Congrats Mark, What a milestone. You've helped a lot of people and I've read quite a few of you post. 10K man my fingers hurt just thinking about it. Hunt, Peck, Hunt, Peck. Good Job


         Here's to you   BRAVO & POINTS




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Congratulations Mark! What a great accomplishment!

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congrats.....I have 9997 to go

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WOW, I just hit my milestone 100 posts. I hope I live long enough to get where you are. Congratsicon_biggrin.gif


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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

WOW, I just hit my milestone 100 posts. I hope I live long enough to get where you are. Congratsicon_biggrin.gif


Congrats Al!

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